Collaborate with Us

Cooperation Procedure

【Development Stage】

Not only we have Japanese and Taiwanese staff to handle various projects together, but also our customers could have in-depth meetings with our staff in their language to review high-technology issues smoothly. By sharing information internally, we are able to respond and handle customers’ needs promptly and properly. In the process of manufacturing products, our staff would be delegators and trustees for customers and suppliers so we could thoroughly supervise from development stage to mass production stage and to ensure progress smoothly.

【Mass Production Stage】
【Procurement of Parts and Finished Products】

Our staff who in charge of import and export would handle all procedures appropriately from confirmation of delivery to the communication and arrangement of customs broker and transportation company. We would dedicate to be the best overseas business partner for customers, provide procurement assistance, and accomplish investigation missions for a variety of parts and finished products.

【Quality Control and Complaint Handling】

If necessary, we would supervise our suppliers and guide on-site from trial to mass production in order to meet the consensus between customers and us and the awareness of maintaining quality. Providing high quality products is our mission, so if there are defective products, our staff would handle quickly and be responsible for solving problems.