Overseas Trade Assistance

Nowadays, trading with overseas suppliers has become a common situation. However, in the case of unfamiliar language and culture, trading with overseas companies might involve various risks and require more complicated trade procedures. If setting up a company overseas, it might be needful to send staff to stay abroad. In above circumstances, there would incur huge costs and require long-term planning and cautious execution. There might be numerous difficulties in the process, tough to proceed as planned, and expand business smoothly.

Therefore, WEST KYU-SYU PLASTIC CO., LTD. dedicates to be the key role and be responsible for operations of the specialized overseas business required by customers. We will fully assist our customers' overseas procurement and trade operations to allow customers to focus on product design and technology development.

WEST KYU-SYU PLASTIC CO., LTD. is not just a trading company that merely buy and sell products. On the contrary, we create and launch the newest and most value-added products with our customers together.