Strengths of WEST KYU-SYU

In the process of cooperation with overseas suppliers, it would certainly encounter problems caused by business cultural difference. Successful operations and decisions would succeed business. We are very welcome you to collaborate with us if you need reliable person to contact, require ensured delivery time, and demand high-quality products and services. We would put ourselves in your shoes to work and develop business together, and strive to win the most beneficial situation for all customers, suppliers and business partners.


Personnel in Foreign Languages (Chinese/ Japanese/ English)

We not only have necessary language skills, but also are familiar with business culture in Japan. We would react appropriately to distinct business habits and characteristics in different countries.

Expertise and Know-How

We have experienced personnel with a background in manufacturing to be the key supervisor.

Quality Control

We would supervise and guide on-site from trial to mass production. In case of special requirements or occurred complaints, we could immediately analyze current situation and properly implement the corresponding countermeasures.

Experience and Achievements:

We have established more than 15 years of trading performance and strong trust with Japanese companies.

The Most Competitive Quotation

We would evaluate comprehensively, select qualified suppliers according to customers’ needs, and offer the best prices.